Leading up to Christmas

Christmas was a wonderful time for the boys.  Leading up to Christmas, the excitement began building around the first week of December.  We bought the boys an advent calendar filled with chocolate.  We explained the rules that each day, they can open one door and eat the piece of chocolate behind the door.  Boden followed the rules, opening one door per day.  Hutson on the other hand, would carry the calendar behind the couch and open a few doors.  After four days or so, Hutson’s calendar was empty.

Roofie also showed up…the elf on a shelf.  Each day, Roofie would change locations.  Both would wake up in the morning and look eagerly for him.  When they found him, they’d run to us and report the location.

Boden took two classes with Lego Engineers and loved it.  The first class, he participated in building some sort of lego space ship.  The second class, he learned minecraft.  He is now a wizard at building legos and minecraft.

The other day, Hutson was talking with uncle Andy and Andy said, ‘Kentucky’.  And Hutson replied, ‘no, that’s little ducky, not Kentucky’.



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