I Think I should Have an I-Phone

The end of August took us back to Normal,IL and Minneapolis MN for a weeks vacation to visit grandma and grandpa Cain, uncle Tod and aunt Dara and uncle Andy.  Then on to Minneapolis to see great grandma Yanish, cousin Deb, John, Maddie and Ryder.  The boys had a great time.

Dad, Bode and Hutson flew from PDX to Chicago to meet mom and then to drive onto Normal.  We arrived in Normal around 9.00pm.  Grandma and Grandpa had the lights on. Boden and Hutson gave them a big kiss and hug when they got out of the car.  The first day, we went to State Farm park and played mini golf, went swimming, had a bbq and then went fishing.

Sunday. we went to the corn festival where Boden went rock climbing and Hutson ate a couple ears of corn.  After, we went to Grady’s amusement park and rode a few rides.  Boden had the most fun on the bumper boats.


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