It’s been a busy few weeks for the boys.  Grandma, Grandpa and uncle Matt all visited for Thanksgiving.  Uncle Andy and Tovar are still with us.  Tovar is the favorite “uncle”.

Bode was looking forward to having a sleep over with the big boys in his room.  He slept in his sleeping bag and loved when he snuggled with Tovar.

Boden and Hutson loved playing games with the uncles.  Yahtzee and backgammon were favorites.  Boden was adding and counting straights after just a few games.

We went to the Holiday Express and saw santa with the whole family.  Hutson had to sit with Zavier and Zion.  Boden with mom.  They got a real kick seeing santa and his helpers.  Hutson was very curious about “santa’s mom”.

Hutson said that he’s a big boy and didn’t want to sleep with a pull up on any longer.  So, the first night, he made it thru with no accident.  When he woke up, he declaired “I’m a big boy, I didn’t pee”!

On the way to gymnastics, Boden asked me…Dad, do you work with Santa Claus?  I want to work with you!”   At gymnastics, Boden is gaining tons of confidence.  He is doing somersaults, cartwheels, headstands and other tricks.

The boys are starting to negotiate.  Boden said, “If you don’t let me have a cookie, I won’t play with you”.  Hutson then said “Dad, if you don’t let me watch a movie, I won’t let you play with me”.  Tough negotiations.




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