Tovar in Town

Uncle Andy is in town and brought his dog Tovar.  Andy is  nice but Tovar has been a hit with the boys.  They have been chasing poor Tovar around the house non stop.  Up and down the stairs, in and out of the garage…everywhere.  Finally, Tovar laid down and Hutson sat next to him and gave him a big hug and said…”I love you Tovar.”  Yesterday, Hutson was running around the house naked and Tovar was following him.  Hutson stopped and said, “Don’t eat my penis Tovar.”  So the boys discovered what a good helper Tovar can be.  Hutson spilt some cereal  on the floor and Tovar was there to help.  Boden screamed…”Tovar is cleaning the floor!”  No need for the boys to get out of their chair.  After they saw this, Hutson went to the pantry and said, “Tovar needs a cookie”.  And Huts grabbed a handful and fed Tovar who was grateful.

Pascha has been out of town and the boys have been sleeping in mom and dad’s bed.  Both talk in their sleep a lot.  Bode usually talks about the i-pad.   “I’m going to play the Sonic game” or ” Can I buy another game on the i-pad?”  Too funny.  Hutson on the other had talks about his struggles.  Usually with Boden.  “It’s my turn Boden” or “Let me have it” or “I need to poop”.  Pretty entertaining before I fall asleep.


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