The boys have started gymnastics.  And they love it.  Both do somersaults, balance beam, climbing ropes, jumping and hopping.

Bode was pulling on his toe the other day and I asked him…why are you pulling your toe?  He said because “my butt itches”.  What?  I’m pulling my toe because my butt itches.  Ok…

For the boy’s school photo, we spent quite a bit of time preparing they boy’s hair that morning.  Hutson had a hipster hair style with gel in the front to flip it up.  Quite cool.  Bode had his normal curly, full bodied hair.  When the photos came back, Hutson’s hair was completely flat and Bode’s hair was out of control.  pretty funny stuff.

Great Grandma Naderi-Nejad was in the USA and we went to visit.  Boden and Hutson were quite scared of her.  She tried to be playful but the boys were a little hesitant.  Hutson finally got the courage and decided to give her a high five.  But the boys only know how to give hard high fives.  So overtime they wound up, GGrandma would pull her hand back.



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