Dr. Visit

Boden and Hutson had a dr. visit last week.  Boden weighs 44 lbs and Hutson 40.  Next, Boden had his eyes and ears tested and he passed with flying colors.  Finally, Boden received two shots as part of his vaccination and both the boys received flu vaccinations.

Hutson is having a great time at school.  He enjoys the numbers lessons.  His friends are Benjamin, Jane and Bauman.  At drop off, Boden rarely waits for Hutson.  Bode jumps out of the car and takes off for his class leaving Hutson to fend for himself.

Boden and Hutson have been scared of monsters when going to bed the last few weeks.  Hutson refuses to sleep alone.  He demands a long snuggle before he is calm enough to sleep.

The boys have been deathly afraid of spiders.  Boden walked thru a spider web and let our a blood curling scream.  i ran back to find Boden rubbing his face trying to get a spider web off his face.

Over the last week, the rule is that Boden can play the iPad for 15 minutes after he takes a bath.  So when dad get’s home, he’s ready to jump into the bath immediately.  After being in the bath for 10 seconds, he’s ready to get out.

The other day at the dentists office, Boden stold the dentist…”Daddy sews blankets”.

Boden said to dad that Samira’s mom has a “fat tummy”.  Luckily, she was not around to hear this.

Hutson said “I don’t like Bapa’s mustache.  I can’t see his nose.”

Today, there was an airplane flying overhead and Boden asked “is mama coming home on that airplane?”


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