School Begins

Montessori school begins for the boys.  Boden’s Tree Frog class began 9/8 and Hutson’s intro to school was today.  Boden has been going a full day…8.10 to 2.45.  Hutson will attend 8.10 to 11.30.

Boden was ready to go back.  His first week included reconnecting with his buddies and reading some simple words,  He was very proud that he could read.   The full day wears him out so he is eager to go to bed at night.

Hutson has been talking about going to school for weeks now.  “I’m going to Bode’s school”…”When am I going to Bode’s school?”  So, when we told Hutson that he will be going to school, he cheered “Yahoo, I’m going to Boden’s school”.  “I’m a big boy now”  To cute.  When we arrived, he jumped out the car and raced to the office where teacher Nora introduced herself to Hutson and he gave a soft hello.  She then asked if he wanted to visit his classroom, and he shook his head yes.  Finally, she asked if he wanted dad to come with…He said no, just Nora…and took her hand and walked confidently to his class.  What a brave and independent boy.

Yesterday, Boden asked me…”Dad, what is that?”  I replied…”I don’t know”.  He said…”you mean you don’t know everything in the world?”

Last Saturday, we went camping for the first time.  What a great time we had.  We arrived at the camp site around 3pm and promptly set up our tent.  The boys were very curious and wanted to help.  After, we went exploring near Trilium Lake where we saw some eagles, salamanders, crawdads and fish.  Then we started the camp fire.  The boys were so curious.  They helped prepare the kindling and lighted the fire.  For the next hour, they threw pine cones and small twigs into the fire.  Mom and the boys then went on a hunt to find the perfect marshmallow sticks.  They came back with a few.  The marshmallows didn’t have a chance.  They were more interested in burning them and watching them melt than eating them.  The chocolate did just fine by themselves.  At 7.30, after dinner and a few stories, we went to bed.  And what a cold night at elevation of 4,000 feet.  The next day, we went on another hike with beautiful views of Mt. Hood.


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