Boden & Girls

Tonight at dinner, we reached a new milestone, Boden talked about girls and said how he didn’t like them. He said “I don’t like girls.” I said why is that and he just said, “I just don’t like them.” I said do you like Samira (our neighbor who he always plays with) and he thought about it and said Yes. I said Mommy is girl, do you like Mommy? He said “yes”. Phew. He came down to it he doesn’t like “girls that are his age” and he doesn’t like hearts. I asked if a girl gave him a heart and he screamed no. I said did you give a girl a heart and he was mortified. There you have it…our first girl conversation. Before everyone was all the same.

Boden always talks about running fast. He wants to beat and race everyone. His eye on the prize is always his friend Layton who deems is the fastest and he must get as fast as. We says he needs more “power.” So we talk how food, rest and liquids give you power.

Last weekend we had Layton and Aven over. That was the first time his two best friends met. I thought his brain was going to explode. How exciting! Aven and Layton totally bonded. At one time it was the “three muskateers” against Hutson the “bad guy.” Poor little hutson just wanted to play but the three of them kept running away from him.

The weekend before we had another BBQ and two little neighborhood girls were over. Because it’s OK to pee in our backyard, Hutson dropped drawers and peed in the backyard and proceeded to take off his pants and run around. The girls, who are 5 and 6, were mortified and were running away screaming “he has no pants, he has no pants.” Hutson had no idea what was going on

I have this adidas app on my phone and Boden pointed to it and said. This is adidas. That is where Mom works. i said how do you know that? He said I remember when we went there for Halloween trick and treating.

Hutson is going thru a shy spurt. When we go to the pool or soccer, he’s hanging on my leg or on the side of the pool before he jumps in. Then something triggers and he joyfully plunges in. When nana and bopa took him to the pool he proceeded to walk around the pool on his hands and knees like a dog and never got in the pool. With me he just laid down on the edge with half his body in. At soccer practice, he hid behind the tree and then finally joined.

Boden had a lego party this weekend where he went alone for little lego robotics class.The host said he stayed with the legos for the three hours.

We went to a pool party this weekend and Boden put on a life vest and built up his confidence to get in and actually paddle his way to the deep end of the pool. By the end of the evening he as all over the pool. He told dad he remembered when he slipped and went under water (which he did when he was about 2 1/2 years).


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