Ski Lesson with Batman

We unfortunately had to say good bye to Grace, the boys nanny for the last 6 months.  She was supposed to be with us a year but landed her dream job at the Washington Park Zoo.  We’ll miss you Grace.  Kate joins us now as a calm spirit as opposed to Grace’s boundless energy.  Boden and Hutson have taken to her quickly.

Boden had his last ski lesson of the year and what a treat.  It was with Batman.  The real Batman.  He had a great lesson…continuing to improve on turns and stopping.  His biggest accomplishment was riding the ski lift for the first time and then skiing down the bunny slope.  He had the biggest smile when we watched him ski.  As we got in the car, he said, we have a long drive home.

This morning as I left for work, I gave Hutson a big kiss good bye.  Hutson said to me…Daddy, don’t forget to give Boden a kiss.

Tonight, we were cleaning up the toys and I asked Bode to pick up a couple legos…he responded by saying “Eye-eye Sir”.  Where did that come from?

We were out running errands the other day and Hutson ask dad…what are you doing?…I said driving.  I then asked Hutson…what are you doing?  He responded…I’m relaxing.

Boden is excelling in his swim lessons.  He now can hold his breath for over 10 seconds while using the kick board.  He’ll put his face in the water and go for it.  He’ll also jump into the pool by himself, not needing the instructor to catch him.  Hutson is still the clown of his class.  He is quick to jump into the water and do his alligator walk.  He also loves to jump into the pool into the arms of the instructor.  He loves floating on his back and putting his face in the water.


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