Wishing Well

The family was out running errands when we ran across a wishing well.  I explained to the boys how it works.  Make a wish and throw a penny in the well.  So, Boden goes first and says…”I wish we all could stay together forever”.   Boden is making huge strides with his swimming.  He puts his face in the water, makes “rocket arms” over his head and kicks like crazy.  It’s great.

Mom brought home soccer jersey’s for the boys on Friday night.  Red shirts and black shorts.  They put them on straight away and didn’t take them off until Sunday…slept in them both nights.  The only time they had them off was when we had to wash them.

Hutson is dressing himself and putting his coat and shoes on by himself.  He is so independent.  He also likes to tell stories to himself.  Tonight he told the story about how he was climbing a ladder and fell and cried.  Then Bapa picked him up and gave him a hug.

Tonight, after putting the boys to bed, Hutson woke up and walked to mom and dad’s room saying.  “Dad, you need to put me to bed”.


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