Beach in February

The boys have had a busy February and are not slowing down.  We went to the beach two consecutive weekends as the weather was in the upper 50s lower 60s with little wind.  We played baseball, flew kites, built sandcastles played in the water, threw sand, chased sea gulls, made new friends, had picnics, ate ice cream and overall just relaxed and had a great time.  Boden got into playing baseball.  He has a good eye and connected on a few sending the ball sailing. Looks like he’ll be a right handed batter.  On one pitch, he smacked it right back at dad and hit me right between the eyes.  Hutson looks like he will be a left handed batter showed a little pop as well.

Mom went on a long trip and each night the boys would count down the number of sleeps till mommy got home.  Bode would say…”how many sleeps dad?”  He usually got the number correct and then Hutson would repeat the number.  Then Boden would ask, “Is mommy going to bring us a surprise?”  Of course she is.

Hutson has been getting himself dressed in the morning and taking off his clothes all by himself the last month or so.  He is fiercely independent, not wanting help until the last second when he gets stuck.  Yesterday, when Grace arrived, she forgot her carseats.  She called mom and when mom returned home, the boys hollered out “mom, you took our car seats”…like it was mom who took them out of Grace’s car.

Grace had put Hutson in his seat and was buckling him in when he leaned over and kissed her on the arm.  He said, ‘Thank you Grace”.


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