Boden has been throwing out the word “Expert” lately.  I’m an expert scooter rider…I’m an expert pasta eater.  But last night, while he and dad were cutting dad’s hair, Boden looked at dad’s back and asked, “can I cut the hair on your back?  I’m an expert back hair cutter” he exclaimed with confidence.

Hutson still has a few accidents here and there.  Tonight, he decided to tinkle in the guest bedroom.  Boden saw this and was off to the rescue.  He first called down to mom and let her know what was happening.  Second, he grabbed a towel and cleaned the carpet.  Last, he told Hutson that we pee in the toilet.

Hutson is using the phrase “Poo-Poo guy” quite a bit.  When is is frustrated or angry with someone.  Mom and dad say, if you use ‘toilet words’ we need to go to the toilet.  So, Hutson has adopted a new strategy and now started saying coo-coo guy and poo-coo girl.


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