My Peeeenis

For Christmas, Boden and Hutson were given magnet connectors.  The first time Hutson played with them was in Sunriver and towards bedtime.  He was not wearing pants and then he starts screaming…”My PEEEEENIS…My PEEEENIS”.   Two magnets connected and clamped on his penis.  Obviously, this hurt and he asked for a bandaid and a kiss.  Boden thought it might be fun to try it but after conversation with mom, he decided against.

This morning, Boden had a test of wills with mom over bacon.  For breakfast, Boden demanded four slices of bacon.  When the four slices were cooked and then given to Bode, he refused to eat.  So the battle began.  Boden sat at the table for over an hour refusing to eat bacon.  He was not allowed to leave the table until he finished the four pieces.  He threw tantrums but would not eat.  After Boden said “I don’t want to eat the bacon, I want to play a game”  Hutson replied…”Boden, that is your choice”…reiterating what mom had told Boden earlier.

The boys had a great time using their new sleds in Sunriver.  We found a nice little hill and had great fun sledding down the hill.  It was about 50 yard slide.  To get to the hill, the boys were dragged behind mom and dad for about 4 blocks.  Tough work for us.  But when we were at the top of the hill and let them go….it was awesome.  When Boden got to the bottom, he said “awesome”.  Hutson said ‘that’s cool”.  Both were exhausted after running up and down the hill they had to be dragged back home for some hot chocolate.


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