Soccer Classes

Soccer practice began last week for the boys.  They are much more into it this time around.  Both lover getting out there, running around with the other kids and kicking the ball.  Boden is one of the faster kids in the group and follows directions very well.  Hutson has a great time interpreting how practice should go and drifts in and out as he likes.

We’ve started a new tradition called Elf on the Shelf.  The elf is santa’s helper and reports back to him every night while the boys are in bed.  The next morning, the boys have to find  “Roffie”…this is the name the boys gave the elf.  They love getting up and trying to find him.

Last week, we went to the Christmas Tree Farm and cut down our tree. Boden and Hutson were great helpers.  Hutson loved playing hide and seek among the trees.  Boden took his turn sawing down the tree giving a couple strokes with the saw.  He also helped carry the tree out of the forest.  Afterwards we all had hot chocolate to warm up.

Last Saturday was the last round of swim lessons with the boys for the year.  We had a scary situation with Hutson.  He and Bapa went down the big waterside together and at the bottom, Bapa lost control of Hutson and they both went under water for a few seconds.  The life guard at the bottom of the slide were there and grabbed both Hutson and Bapa pulling them to safety.  Afterwards, Hutson said “I went under water…whheeee” and didn’t seem phased at all.

The other night, mom was putting Boden to bed and giving him a snuggle.  Boden turns to her and says “why are you still here mama?”  The other night, while reading books, we asked the boys if they could keep a secret…Boden said yes…Hutson said “NO”.  Asked if they’ve been naughty or nice?  Boden said nice.  Hutosn said naughty.


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