We had a great day sledding on Mt. Hood on Saturday.  We woke up early, had breakfast, packed our warm clothes and headed up to the mountain for a day in the snow.  We spent 2+ hours sledding and had a great time.  We started out hiking up a small hill and jumping in an inter tube riding down a small hill.  Then Boden and Hutson decided to ride on their own.  Boden loved it but Hutson wanted to ride together.  Mom and dad had a real workout as the boys would jump in the tube and expect mom and dad to tow them up the hill.   One of the rides, Boden hit a bump and went yard sale all the way down the hill.  As we were walking back up, he said, ‘look out for the bumps’ to the sledders coming down.  The boys…and mom and dad were exhausted at the end of the day.

Boden is still being very picky with his diet.  Still the ‘tan diet’.  The other day after dinner, he wanted a banana.  Mom said no…and he began to throw a tantrum.  After a few sorry, you still can have your dinner but no banana…he cried “All I want is a banana!!!”.

We rearranged the house furniture while the boys were out.  When they came back, both were a little surprised and disoriented.  Boden says to mom while waiving his arms wildly…”mom, what’s going on with the house?”

Some other funny stuff Boden has said……Boden said to mom, who was wearing a pair of torn jeans “Mom, your jeans are broken”.  Later he said to Hutson, “Hutson, you need to go to bed.  You are in trouble”.  Is this my brain…pointing to his balls.

Mom asked Boden to stay in his bed at night because when he comes into our bed, he kicks us.  This morning, Boden came in this morning at 6.30 and said to a still sleeping mom…”sorry I kick you mommy”

Mom told Boden to go ask dad if he signed up the boys for swimming lessons.  When he came back upstairs, Mom asked…what did he say.  Boden said “He said shit”.

When you give Hutson a compliment, he always says thanks.  Or if you ask him to do something, he’ll say, “no thanks”.  He sneezed the other day and mom and dad said bless you at the same time.  He responded by saying “Thanks guys”.  Out of the blue, Hutson said to mom, “I miss you mommy”.


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