Boden now wants to use maxi pads.  He saw them in the bathroom and now tries to stick them on everything.  Dad went to observe Boden at school last week.  Boden was hard at work on his counting, writing and math skills.  I also met his buddy Layton…his new best friend.  Boden also chatted with is other friends and looked very happy at work.

Hutson had a rough morning on Monday as he was very tired.  When dad was putting him to bed, he said that he was ‘ upset and cried in Grace’s jeep.  And he didn’t have any crackers and was crying.  He likes to talk about his day…both good and bad things.

On Sunday, we went to Julian’s birthday party at pump it up.  There we met many of Boden’s school mates and other parents.  Pump it up was so much fun for the boys and they really enjoyed jumping on the bouncy castles and riding down the slides.  Afterwards, we had cake.

The boys had a special moment this morning when getting ready to run an errand.  Both were playing and tickling each other when they both squared up and planted a huge kiss on the lips.  It was so cute.


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