Halloween night was full of fun and excitement.  Boden dressed up as Wolverine and Hutson was Spiderman.  Or as Hutson says “I Spiderman”.  The boys went out in a pack with the rest of the kids…Samira, Kellen, Kyler, Kullen, Aven and others I have never met.  But they were in a pack of about 15 kids.  We practiced saying trick or treat and saying thank you after receiving the candy so they were all ready to go.  Mom walked with them house to house and had a great time.  Hutson was the youngest so was always last to get the candy and running after the pack to catch up.  He had a great time tagging along.  Afterwards, we went to Samira’s house for an after party.  We came home around 9.30 which is pretty late for the boys.

Boden and Hutson both love going out to visit with Rock Star…Grace’s horse.  When they arrive, Hutson walks down the hall saying hello to each of the horses as he passes the different stalls.  They give Rock Star brushings and treats.  Hutson has made a friend next door to RS…a little pony that is Hutson’s size.  He can look eye to eye with the pony and he says this is a baby horse.

Every morning, Hutson has been climbing into bed with mom and dad around 6am.  He always brings a toy, usually a car or two.

Every once in  a while when eating or giving Hutson his vitamin drops, he’ll make a gagging sound.  At first it was a little alarming, but now it’s just funny.  I think he is pretending to burp but is just sounds hilarious.

Hutson has a new friend that he meets up with on playdates.  They met at soccer and they meet up every now and again with Grace and his nanny.  They are about the same age and love playing together.

Boden is finding new and creative ways to play here at home.  His imagination is growing by leaps and bounds.  He’s been cooking with mom, dad and Grace.   Swimming is going great.  Boden is putting his entire face in the water for a few seconds.   At school, all he talks about is Layton, his best buddy.  When we ask if he plays with anyone else, he responds ‘no, just Layton”.

The other day, Grace was helping Boden out of her car, Boden said “I love you Grace”.  Totally made her week.


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