The other night, mom said to Boden “Thank you sweetheart”…and Boden responded “Call me Wolverine”.   Boden also told mom that when Boden was in mommy’s tummy that he would eat what mom ate…like salsa and tomatoes.  Boden has been going to bed very smoothly lately.  Every night around 8.15-8.30.  Boden says that his best friend is Layton at school.  We went to a costume party last Saturday and Boden loved playing the games.  His favorite prize was glow in the dark Dracula teeth.  Hutson gets freaked out when they are in.

Hutson is getting more consistent with his potty training.  He’s been going poop in the toilet on a regular basis.  He’s had almost no accidents over the past two weeks.  Although he loves Spiderman, he is afraid of spiders.  He saw a spider web the other day and said “spider…i’m scared”.  But he is interested in bugs.  We found a stinkbug in the house and Hutson wanted to hold it.  He said it tickled.  At swimming, he likes to join other  swim classes and their activities.  He’s ready for the next level.

Hutson came to me and said “daddy, I want to fight Bode tomorrow”…They have had a few play fights or wrestling matches over the past few weeks.  Fight Club…or the fights are full of growls and Boden throwing Hutson to the ground.  They prefer fighting naked…just like the gladiators used to in the coliseum.  They laugh histerically as they run at each other and then rolling around on the ground until the fights end with Hutson getting hurt.  Usually, Boden punches him in the face.


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