So fall is here and the boys are really looking forward to Halloween.  Hutson will be Spiderman and Boden will be Wolverine.  Bode has dressed up a couple times already just  to be sure he has the poses down.

Hutson has a few funny sayings going…First, he puckers his lips and furrows his brow and says “Oh yea…lets do it” in his deepest voice.  He also calls us mom and dad.  “Thanks mom or OK dad”.   He is also running into the street much to our increased stress.

The boys outgrew their shoes so we bought some new ‘fast shoes’.  Boden does not want to take them off.  Boden took a nap today with them on.  After we left the store, we walked into Dick’s Sporting Goods.  There was a  running track and the boys had to run a couple laps.

Earlier, we went to the pumpkin patch.  The boys loved the hay ride and picking the best pumpkins.  We also ran around the corn fields.  But their favorite part was the hot chocolate.

In the afternoon, the boys are playing baseball with Samira, Kyler, Kellen and Korbin.


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