First Sleep Over

Boden  had his first sleep over two weeks ago.  Aven spent a saturday night.  All went well and they played together very well.  They both slept in the guest bed.  After books, mom walked by the room and asked ‘what are you doing’…Bode responded by sticking his arm out as to say go away and said ‘we’re just talking mama’.  They also gave each other a big kiss and hug before sleeping.  Boden and Hutson’s last day of school at Childroots.  They had goodbye circles and said their last bye-byes.  Boden has a new habit of saying ‘never’ when you ask him to do something.  Boden…will you share with Hutson…Never daddy.  They both have new shoes.  bright yellow with black stripes.  They love them and will not wear any shoes but them.  Both boys are playing great together lately.  Bode loves to lead and Hutson follows in his footsteps. 


Hutson had a small bout with strep throat.  But by the time he was diagnosed, he was over the symptoms.  He is also daddy’s boy at the moment.  Every time he needs help, “daddy do it”.  Pascha’s grandma is in town and the first time Hutson met her, he said “I’m scared”.  She is 96 and has dark hair and wears a scarf.  By the end of the day, he was giving her a Boos.  Hutson is getting better with peeing in the toilet.  He loves to ‘pee together’ or pee in the grass or pee of the deck.  He learned the last two from Boden.    Boden and Hutson had a great time at cousin Dari’s birthday party.  The party was at the Willamette park and they played in the water park and had a great time playing with Dari.   Hutson’s favorite activity at the moment is blowing bubbles.  He’s able to do it by himself now.  


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