We are calling Hutson “Zoro” because he takes chalk and marks his “H” everywhere. It’s on the house, tables, floor, walls. Hutson was here!

When Hutson is around loud anything he says “too loud” and cups his hands over his ears. It’s really cute.

Boden is going to bed so easily now. We read a couple of books and then its a kiss and good night. He still wants to sleep in Dave’s bed with the side light on but doesn’t come running into our room. If Hutson runs into his room, Boden comes into our room to tell us, “Mom, Hutson is coming in my room!”

The other morning when we woke up, Tim and I were getting ready and realized it was really quiet. Usually by 7am both of the boys are running around our room. Boden came strolling in and I said let’s go get Hutson. We went to his bed and he wasn’t there. We figured he was downstairs. We went downstairs and he wasn’t there. We started getting nervous. We were shouting, “Hutson, where are you?” Boden was shouting too. Tim went outside. I looked in every closet and finally looked under our bed. Tucked way underneath, was Hutson. Gosh he scared us. He had a big smile on this face.

When Hutson goes to bed at night, he always wants a “snuggle”. We lay our head on his chest and when it’s time to go and we raise our heads, he pushes our head down with his index finger and says “head down!” Quite bossy this little Hutson of ours.

Boden and Hutson love doing pull ups with Dad. Boden can do 15 and Hutson 10. Strong little boys. They also do Yoga with Dad. They get the matts out and follow the video.

The boys got new “green” shoes and call them their fast shoes. They love getting new shoes.

Tim and Boden were painting today and Boden says “I like painting with you dad, I love you.”

Tonight, we took the kids over to Nana and Bopa and grandma was there. Hutson saw grandma and ran into Tim’s arms and said, I’m scared!



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