Hutson continues to be a yo-yo at bed time.  He’s up, then down, then up and down again.  Earlier last week, he did this until 12.30…much to the annoyance of mom and dad.  But he makes up for it at 6am when he stumbles into mom and dad’s bed and wants to snuggle for 30 minutes.  Hutson has started to pee standing up.  He insists.  I think it’s because he watches his brother.  

Boden is very helpful with giving Hutson directions.  Hutson…put your bowl in the sink is his favorite command.  Boden has been very good about going to bed after bath time.  He often yells at Hutson, telling him to “be Quiet…I’m trying to sleep”.  But that does not phase Hutson.  

We all went to Kruger Farms on Sovie’s Island.  This is a Thursday evening festival.  Hay rides, farm animals,  berry picking, music and picnics.  Great fun.  We met Aven and his mom.  So much fun, we are going again next Thursday.  On Saturday, we went to the Clark Co. fair.  The boys had fun checking our the fire trucks and other heavy duty trucks.  While walking around the barns, Hutson walked up behind a cow and the cow proceeded to lift up his tail and go poop.  Hutson turns to us and says “cow’s poop in the toilet”.  We had fun riding the cars, trains and airplane rides.  Today, we went to wine country and went wine tasting with nana and bapa.  The boys had fun playing soccer in the field.  We also went to Everett’s house for a pool party.  Hutson swam and Bode did the slip and slide…they both did the zip line.  



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