Boden’s Birthday

Boden’s birthday was Sunday and we all had a blast.  We started the day by covering Boden’s door with paper and balloons and he had to crash thru to get out.  We said, once he rips thru, he will be four years old.  Once out, he opened his gifts…which were a guitar, some hot wheels, a ninja book with stickers and the Sorry game.  He had fun playing with all these things before the party.  Later in the morning, Nana came over with a camera.  Boden’s favorite gift.  He took pictures for an hour straight.  

His party started at 1:00.  Aven, Dari, Lois, Hutson, Dash were all in attendance.  Samira came over later.  Nana and Bapa, Aunt Narda and Uncle Dave, Parsa, Kazim and Marzi, Britt Jorgensen, Laura Knapp and April was the photographer.  There was a crafts table where the kids could make crowns or beaded bracelets and face painting.  We made tie-die t-shirts, a treasure hunt and since the day was hot, we ran the slip and slide.  What an awesome day!  The party was to end at 3 but ran over till 6.  

Hutson is making progress with potty training.  He is more apt to declare ‘i have to pee’ rather than go in his pants.  He’s also learning that poop in the pants is not so much fun and gets a little upset when he does it.  

Last Sat, we all went berry picking with Bapa.  Blackberries and raspberries and then peaches.  Yum.  Hutson and Bode both picked a few and ate a few.  Hutson hid in the bushes and then stated…’I pooped’…what a little rascal.   In the pm, we went to Woodstock park for a school function.  Bode had a great time playing soccer with Hutson and some other kids.  They were both wiped out after 1.5 hrs.  




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