Bee Sting

Today, we went to the St. John’s Bridge Jazz festival where we met Aven and his mom Laura.  Bode’s best friend has moved to a different daycare center and Bode really misses him.  They had a great time playing with their cars and transformers, chasing bubbles, taking a walk to the river and just goofing around.  Hutson had a good time as well until he took off his shoes and stepped on a bumble bee.  Ouch…he really was upset at the bee and the pain on his left foot.  Luckily, no allergy to the sting.  

Yesterday, we went to pick berries.  The boys had a great time picking and eating their way thru the blueberry fields.  Unfortunately, the strawberries were out of season.  

Hutson is improving his potty training going #1 almost all the time in the potty.  #2 is a different story.  Today, we were working out in the back yard and Hutson all of a sudden yells “poop”.  Oh what a mess.  Boden on the other hand is now sleeping thru the night for the last three weeks with out a diaper and no accidents.  He is very proud of himself.  

Hutson and I were playing soccer when I scored a goal.  Hutson turns to me and says ‘good one dad”.  


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