Boden had an unfortunate run in with his school’s pet rat.  While trying to pet the rat, he put his finger in the cage and the little rat chomped on his right index finger.  The bite was startling and his little finger bled quite a bit.  

Boden has been sleeping in his own bed and ‘uncle Dave’s’ bed the past two weeks.  After our Sunriver vacation, we had a talk explaining that since he is almost 4 years old, he needs to start sleeping in his own bed.  In addition, he has been sleeping without a diaper!  

Boden has finally started riding his bicycle.  We have had plenty of breaking practice as we live on a hill.  He also can put on his helmet by himself.  He likes the freedom of his bicycle.

Hutson has started ‘fake sleeping’.  Once put down for bed, he will snore to convince mom and dad he is asleep.  He’s like a little jack in the box, jumping out of bed at every opportunity.  When we come up to put him back to bed, he says ‘Door Open’.  


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