So Bode and Hutson are in the opposites phase.  Bode says “no”…Hutson says “yes”.  It goes on and on.  


Hutson had a couple big milestones over the last few weeks.  First, he gave up his bottle.  This created drama for the first couple days.  Trouble going to bed and waking up early.  But now, he does not miss it.  Plus, our milk consumption has dropped in half.  Second, we have taken off the crib rails so now, Hutsy can get in and out of bed by himself.  This has created an odd phenominom of Hutson wanting to sleep on the floor.  Not sure where this comes from but he demands to sleep next to his book shelf.   

Bode was just accepted into the Montessori School of Beaverton so we are in the process of trying to figure out how this next year will go for the boys and their day care.  

Boden came home from school with his whole body painted after paint time…including his green hair and scalp and beard and moustache, arms, legs, tummy and back.  Made for a long shower.  I knew something was up when his best friend was leaving when I drove up.  He was covered as well.  

The boys have been enjoying the back yard.  They have gone beyond the hedge and are using the slide down to the second tier and exploring around the bushes where the 

Tomorrow, we are going to Sesame Street live.  Should be a great trip.



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