I love my light shoes

We took Boden and Hutson shoe shopping at Striderite on Sunday. Boden is a size 9 and Hutson 7.5. Boden was so excited to get light shoes and even though we would say we would never be one of those parents, we ended up getting them both spider man light shoes. They were both over the moon! They both ran around the store jumping to activate their shoes. They jumped all the way out the store down the Mall lighting their shoes. 

Boden had his little friend Aven come over for a Playdate on Sunday as well. Of course he had to wear his shoes. They raced down the  driveway hill into the garage. Aven is very coordinated and can ride a two wheeler and boden raced his plasma car. We were conversing down stairs and it seemed very quiet. We went up stairs and both boys were butt naked, playing in the jumpy castle and had the  play sand and play do all over the bouncy castle and play room.  Hutson was just running around too trying to get in the action.

That night Boden wanted to go to his bed with his shoes on. Of course I let him.

Boden has been so sweet lately..he’s notices what I’m wearing and says “Mom, I like your dress…that’s a cool shirt. I like your hair…”

We are trying to get Boden back into his bed and actually he’s been cooperating more than last few times we’ve tried in the past.

Tonight we took off the crib leaf and opened up Hutson’s bed to a toddler bed. He was really excited. But he still slept on the floor. He’s been wanting to sleep on the floor the last few nights. Not sure where he got that from! He’s been funny a few nights this week after putting him to bed around 8ish, he just sits in his bed singing for another 2-3 hours. Last night he was up until 11pm. We went to bed before him!

We went to silver creek falls on Saturday and the boys were so excited to see a huge waterfall and walked the 10 min loop behind the waterfall. On the way home, Boden fell asleep and Hutson talked the entire 90 minute car ride home.

Hutson is also singing so much. He can sing twinkle, twinkle, all the lyrics. He sings all lyrics of ABC and can sing along to Rainbow connection.

Potty training is still going but not really well. He doesn’t seem to mind wet or poopy underwear.

Both boys to the backyard as soon as they got home and Tim looked out the window and Boden was giving Hutson a shower with the hose!


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