Sleep over

Tonight the boys didn’t want to go to bed, so we decided it would be a good idea to have a ‘sleep over’.  Boden came over to Hutson’s bedroom to sleep.   The funny thing is Hutson does not want to sleep in his bed but on the floor.  So Hutson was sleeping on the floor next to his bookcase while Boden was sleeping in Hutson’s bed.  Later, Boden got out of bed and laid down next to Hutson.  While standing just outside the door, Hutson asked ‘where is mommy?…Boden said ‘She is doing the dishes’.   Then Hutson asked ‘Where is daddy?’  Boden replied ‘Daddy is vacuuming’.  

Hutson has become much more independant at the same time, he has a bigger separation anxiety.  When we drop him at ‘school’, he does not want to be let down.  Boden at the same time is happy to go to school to play with his buddy Aven.  

Hutson has become resiliant saying ‘stop it’.  

The weather has been warm which gives Bode an excuse to get naked.  Takes him 3 seconds to take his clothes off, turn on the water and play in the sprinkler or hose.  Hutson is quick to follow.  

Boden has enjoyed working in his journal lately.  Writing, coloring, drawing.  He is very intense with his journal.  He gets totally into it.  



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