Big Hill

Boden and Hutson love their plasma scooters.  We take them outside and upto the edge of the driveway and then roll down the hill.  Hutson calls it ‘Big Hill’.  Yesterday, we were riding the scooters and decided to have a picnic in the garage.  Hutson grabbed a sandwich and brought it over to Bode and said ‘here you go’.  Eat your sandwich.  They are building a loft in Hutson’s school.  When asked about the loft, Hutson replied ‘new high’.  Hutson has been struggling at drop offs at school.  Luckily, he will let Jessica hold him while we leave.  Bode has been confident, needing only a hug before running off.

We watched ‘Cars’ last Saturday night.  Boden loves race cars now and is running around the house saying that he’s lightning mcqueen.  We had some friends over last Sunday and they had three kids.  Boden loved hanging out with the boys.  He followed Chase and Reece around for 2 hours playing ball, hide and seek as well as eating what they ate.  Boden helped dad cut his hair on Monday.  On Wednesday, Boden said, let’s cut your hair again.  I said it looks good.  Boden’s response was, ‘it’s ok.  It’s not perfect.’


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