Daddy asked Hutson for a kiss and Hutson puckered up and then turned dad’s head to the side, said cheek and then kissed his cheek. Hutson is now counting to 10, singing a number of different songs.  Soccer practice started today for Hutson.  First class.  He really enjoyed being out and kicking the ball.  He played with 7 other kids is a chaotic 30 minutes of running, tripping and kicking.  Potty training continues with Hutson.  He still will not go to the potty by himself.  He will go tinkle if put on the toilet.  But he will hide before going poo and then once done, he’ll say ‘big poo…big poo’.  Will be nice when he is fully potty trained.    Hutson was startled the other day ran over to dad and said…I’m scared, I’m scared.  

Soccer practice started to day for Boden as well.  He chose not to participate until the last two minutes for stamp on the hands.   Much like swimming lessons, we’ll try again next week.  Boden has been very caring with Hutson lately.  He’s been bringing him his snuggly, giving him his milk and sharing his toys.  Today, Bapa visited and Boden said, do you want some water and then poured him a glass.  What a good host.  Bode has some new shoes and he loves to wear them and says…look how fast I can run.   Bode’s been getting dressed by himself in the morning which is a big help.  He also puts his jammies on at night.   Boden’s watched Frozen and Cars.  He now is in love with the frozen queen and loves Lightning McQueen.  


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