Boden’s sleeping habits are getting a little funny.  He’s made a bed for himself on the floor of mommy and daddy’s room.  He’s slept there for the last couple of nights.  He also slept without a diaper and made it thru the night.  A big step for him.   

Mom bought Bode a watch and he’s worn it every day since.  He was very proud the first day to school.  He wanted to roll his sleaves all the way up…even his coat.  Teacher Nick played along and ooogled at Bode’s cool new watch.  

Boden has taken his swimming to the next level.  He is putting his whole head and face under water.  He can hold his breath for 5 seconds and will put his face in the water while kicking.  

Both boys have taken more responsibility for themselves.  Both are setting the table and clearing their dishes.  They are feeding and watering cici.  Both like to shread paper in the paper shreader.  After getting home from work, we are all playing ‘tickle monster’.  Running around the house like crazy to the point of exhaustion for Hutson and Boden.  

Hutson is starting to use complete sentences.  He asked Bode ‘are you all done with your bath?’  He also said ‘almost’ when asked if he was finished with his bath.  He is also starting to protest quite a bit.  He will scream at the top of his lungs and go limp when trying to pick him up.  

Potty training is going along for Hutson.  He will go when put on the toilet but will not initiate.  He loves his potty treats…gummi bears. He wants to eat them just to get on the potty and will then clap and get right off after he eats them.  

Potty training is coming along and 




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