Hutson’s Two

We had to run Boden to the Dr last week due to penis issues.  He was having some discharge, swelling and some pain.  Dr said he had a bacterial infection and put him on antibiotics.  Boden was brave at the office.  He had to show off his penis to two nurses and a dr.  He seemed to enjoy the whole experience.

At swimming lessons, Boden has been making big progress.  He’s sticking his face in the water, jumping in to the instructor and last week put his face in while kicking.  He loves getting into the water and really enjoys his instructor.

Hutson turned two on Monday.  We had a party for him on Suday which overlapped the Super Bowl.  Seattle beat Denver.  We celebrated with nanna and bapa, Parsa and Dahri, Kosem.   We had fun playing with his new football and soccer ball, trucks and computer game.  He also had ice cream and cup cakes.  Hutson enjoyed licking off the icing and that’s about it.  

At swim lessons, Hutson loves going with Bapa.  He doesn’t want to leave once lessons are over.  He loves to climb out of the pool and then jump right back in.   And after lessons, we were playing at the train set in front and a girl walked up and Hutson takes one of the trains he was playing with and says ‘here you go’, and gives her the train.  

Yesterday, I sneezed and Hutson said bless you.  Very cute.  




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