Hutson launched his first two foot jump on Thursday at the Dr. office.  He was there as he came down with hand , foot and mouth  which is a little bit worse than a cold but not as bad as Chicken Pox.  He had a rash around his mouth, hands , feet and groin area.  But while at the Dr. office, he had to jump for joy.  

Hutson is also being potty trained.  He wears underwear and has yet to hit the toilet.  But mom is rewarding Hutson with stickers every time he sits on the toilet.  

His 2 year birthday party will be next weekend.  We are having family over for snacks, cake and Ice cream and to watch the super bowl.  

Boden and dad took a hike down behind the house looking for a ball thet went over the edge a few months ago.  Boden was very courageous and we not only found a ball but a frisbee and a soccer ball.  It was a big hike and adventure for Bode.  He was ready to go home to go home after about 15 minutes.  While down tere, we found deer tracks, coyote tracks and a few other animal tracks and a creek.

Boden is dropping his afternoon nap.  When he takes a nap, he usually is awake till 10 or 11 at night.   Aunt Deb and Uncle John came over for a visit.   Bode declaired that he wanted to sleep in bed with Deb and John.  Deb was open to this but John not so much.   



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