Ga, Ga, Ga

In the middle of night Hutson, woke up in the middle of thei night and couldn’t settle back down and Boden came into his room and said “don’t worry Hutson I’ll sleep by you.” And you brought his blanket into Hutson’s room and slept on the floor to help Hutson go to sleep. In the morning, when Hutson woke up, Boden went all down by himself to the Kitchen and got a chair, took it to the fridge and poured Hutson a bottle of milk and brought it upstairs to him.


Boden is on his third night of sleeping in his bed. The last two nights he went down really easy. A couple of books and a kiss and he’s out. No attempt to come to our bed.

On the way to the Children’s museem today, Hutson was singing to the children’s songs at the top of his lungs. Though he doesn’t know all the lyrics he will shout the word he knows when it get it in the song.

hutson when he doesn’t know a word will say “ga, ga”. Everything is “ga, ga’…though now he is into calling everything BLUE. 

Tonight we are switching from Hutson’s sleep sack to a blanket. He had so issue. Tomorrow we’re going to try toilet learning!


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