We had a great Thanksgiving.  Grandma and Grandpa came to Portland for a visit.  Boden and Hutson really enjoyed getting to know them.  They read books, played ball, went to the Children’s Museum, played with trains and watched some football.  This was a special time for them.  

Hutson is really working on his language skills.  He’s counting 1,2,3 and 4.  He’s singing his ABC’s and can ID different letters and numbers.  His thing now is responding to every question with “Huh?”   He is pointing and identifying things like airplanes, all kinds of animals and people.  He also is a giver…he is the first to bring a schoolmate their snuggley when they are upset.  He also has learned to share.  Tonight, he was eating a cucumber and shared with Bode, alternating bites.  Very cute.  Today is Hutson’s last day with bottles.  He spends quite a bit of time with a book in his hands.  He’s very focused and loves to read books and identify the pictures and asks ‘what’s that?’  

Bode is now counting backwards.  5,4,3,2.1 Blast off.   Bode is also good at rounding up Hutson when he is doing something against the rules…for example, when Hutson is eating in the family room, Boden calls out ‘Daddy…Hutson is eating in the family room.  No Hutson, go to the kitchen!’  Bode is also in charge of the Christmas lights on the tree.  He likes to turn them on and off, change the blinking speeds and change the positioning on the tree.  He is also having a blast with Swimming lessons.  He jumps in straight away and gets to kicking and blowing bubbles.   

As a family, over the weekend we went to the Christmas tree farm and cut down our tree.  It was a chilly day with snow on the ground and hot chocolate waiting for us after the tree has fallen.  Unfortunately, it was a bit too chilly and the boys and after about 15 minutes of searching for the perfect tree, they started melting down a bit.  Just at that time, we found the one and cut it down.  Then off to get our hot chocolate and put the tree on top of the car and head home.  


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