Boden hit his elbow the other day and mom asked him if he hit his funny bone…Boden’s response was ‘no, I hit my owie bone’.  The other day, Boden came in to the kitchen and dad was changing the a lightbulb and he said daddy, that’s dangerous.  I can’t remember what I was doing but apparently, it was not safe.  Boden now loves to negotiate to get his way with Hutson.  When Hutson has something Boden wants…he will bring something new over and says ‘Hutson, do you want to trade?  Here is the train and I’ll take the truck’.  90% of the time it works, but when it doesn’t…Bode gets a bit upset.

Hutson has grown before our eyes.  He now stands just a few inches below Boden.  He loves to sing Twinkle Twinkle little star and the ABCs and Little Bunnie Fu Fu.  He is still a snuggler.  Cici, Boden, mom and dad and everyone in his class is fair game for a hug or snuggle.  He says ‘what are you doing?’  and ‘what is that?’   He imitates everything Boden does.  Running around the house…Hutson follows Boden.  Playing wiht the trains…Hutson mimmicks Boden.  Dancing around the playroom…Hutson watches and repeats Boden’s dance moves.    


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