Earlier this week, Boden and Hutson were at school and met up in the hallway.  When they saw each other, they hugged.  The teachers thought this was so beautiful.  Later that day when mom picked up the boys, they disappeared around the corner and then when mom called them back, Bode and Hutson were holding hands and Bode was saying ‘come on Hutson.’

Last night was Halloween and unfortunately Hutson had the flu so had to stay home.  While he was home, he was the one answering the door, Hutson was startled at the first group in costumes.  He then ran to the door each time to meet the next group of trick or treaters.

Boden on the other hand had issues of not wanting to get into his costume.  We had to explain that he does not get any candy until he puts his costume on and go outside…door to door.  So Boden finally gets into his fireman costumes and we walk out the front door.  Bode is skeptical walking up to the first door.  He doesn’t want to ring the door bell so dad does it.  Once the neighbor comes to the door and says ‘you can take some candy’…Bode grabbed one and then walked away.  I asked him about it and he said it was ok.  After the second house, Boden said ‘one more house daddy?’.  And after each house he said it again.  He really enjoyed going out with some of the neighbor kids as well.  The more interesting point of the night was a home which was extremely decorated, had a head in a crystal ball.  Bode just staired at it…I can only imagine what was going thru his mind.  I asked him about it but he only wanted to talk about candy.

Boden was with mom at school and mom said…let’s go sweetie.  As they left the building, Bode saw one of his buddies and said ‘hi sweetie’.

Their favorite place to play at the moment is the car.

This evening, after bed time, we heard a door close.  Mom went upstairs to check to see what was going on and Boden was walking out of Hutson’s room.  Boden said, ‘I heard Hutson crying and I went to check on him’.  What a sweet big brother.

Hutson is talking so much.  He always asks ‘what are you doing’, ‘where are you going’, ‘what is that’, choo-choo, airplane, he knows all his animals and colors.  He responds to quesitons and requests.

They enjoy running around the house and then tackling dad in the play room.



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