Boden and Hutson are starting to wrestle a bit more.  And Hutson is more than often the instigator.  Boden has gotten the upper had as he’ll give Hutson a zerbert on his tummy.

Boden loves his swim lessons.  They start by kicking on the side of the pool, then do the crocodile swim, find the ring, motor boat, jump in from the side and kick on your front and back.  Bode does it all.  Nana’s been there to watch the last few lessons and Bode loves to show off for her.

Boden’s vocab is always growing.  Loves to say ‘gross’ or ‘cool’ or ‘awesome’.

Hutson was taking a bath the other night and said he had to go poop.  So as I was pulling him up he went poo in the bath and then finished in the toilet.  The next day, he said he had to go poop as he went in his diaper.   He loves to sing.  His ABC’s and Twinkle Twinkle little star is getting better.  He’ll belt out the songs at any time.  Sometimes he wants to sing alone and says ‘no’ when someone starts to sing along with him.  On Thursday, he came home from school with another bite mark…this time on his rt forearm.  Poor little guy.  He’s turning into a little helper…he will bring mama stuff when asked.


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