Boden’s been busy over the past week.  We visited the pumpkin patch.  While there we took a hay ride, watched the pumpkin chunker and canon, went to the petting zoo, and rode some long slides.  It was awesome.  The only thing we didn’t do is take home some pumpkins.  He’s been doing great in swim lessons.  Once he’s in the water, he puts his face in, splashes and pretends to do the strokes.

We had our first parent teacher conference with Boden’s teacher.  She said he is an observant child.  He often watches before getting involved.  He likes to play with kids his own age and sometimes feels overwhelmed in larger groups.  Likes music and playing the harmonica and other instruments.  He likes to master his tasks before moving on.

Boden’s been a bit more lovey lately.  He’s holding hands, kissing and says ‘I love you’.

Hutson’s been singing a lot lately.  Anything and everything.  He’s dancing as well…doing his ‘gallop’.  At night, Hutson will point to the moon and say night-night.  He goes to bed very easily.


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