What are you doing?

Hutson’s new thing is to ask everyone…’What are you doing?’  And loves to ask it over and over.   When you ask Hutson the same question, he looks at you like he’s really thinking about what he is doing and what he wants to say.  He also is able to say Sandy and still loves to give good bye kisses.  He has a new dance, which is more like a gallop.  He leads with his right leg and leaves his left leg still and behind and hops around in a circle, laughing and giggling.  He then looks to Boden to see what he should do next.   He also likes singing…mostly ABC’s.  He really tries to sing along and can carry his own tune.  He is still a good sleeper, going to bed around 7.30 and waking up around 6.30.  He also takes a 2-3 hr nap every day.  

Boden discovered the jacuzzi tub in mom and dad’s room.  It’s deeper than the normal tub and has lots of bubbles.  He calls it the waterfall tub because of the faucet.  Bode still likes to sleep in mom and dad’s bed.  He normally sneaks into our bed after we put him down.  We’ll then take him back after we go to bed and then around 1, he will sneak into our bed again, without waking us.  

Boden and Hutson have a new train set given to them from a friend.  It’s a table with lots of tracks, buildings and trains.  Both have spent the last 12 hours playing with the trains.  


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