Tough Weekend for Hutson

Poor little Hutson.  He had a really tough weekend.  Starting Friday, when mom picked him up, he had a bite mark on his right forearm.  Another toddler bit him during the day.  It was so bad that the kid was written up.  Luckily, Hutson is a tough kid and shook it off quickly although it left a shark bite bruise.  He also had a huge bruise on his left shin and a strawberry on his right forearm.  Not sure where the bruise and strawberry came from but looked like real zingers.  On Saturday, Boden whomped Hutson on top of the head with a wooden cane while they played in the garage.  They were trying to play hockey but then Boden went goon and hit Hutson while his back was turned.  Then came Sunday.  It started early with Boden pulling Hutson in the wagon.  Boden thought he should go fast and gave the wagon a quick jerk…and Hutson flew off the back side hitting the back of his head against the hardwood floor.   Thump.   After Hutson calmed down, we went to OMSI.  While in Turbine Hall, Hutson ran down the hall way and took a left turn  into an exhibit table corner, splitting his head open.  Blood was everywhere.  We got some help and then decided not to go to the hospital but visit our neighbor Monica, who is a pediatric ER Dr.  She checked him out and gave him the thumbs up.  By this time, Hutson was feeling a little better.

Hutson is starting to singing.  He enjoys the ABC’s and sings right along.  

Boden is getting more creative with his thinking…trying to manipulate mom and dad.  Especially when he doesn’t want to go to bed.  His current play is ‘my tummy hurts, I need cereal’.  I fell for it at first but now, every night his tummy hurts at 8:45.  And he doesn’t eat the cereal when it is given.

Boden said ‘that’s gross’ yesterday when at the dinner table.  We had red lentel soup but he wasn’t going for it.  

Boden went to the dentist today.  He was a brave boy.  When they arrived, there was a boy who had been gassed and was still a little woozie.  After he left, Bode said to mom, ‘I dont’ want to go to the dentist!” which got a few laughs in the waiting room.  But Bode did see the dentist and went well.  He sat on mom’s lap as the dentist checked his teeth.  Then brushed and polished them.  

On daddy’s birthday, Boden was happy to give dad his present and wondered ‘where are all your friends?’.  


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