New House

We bought and moved into a new house, moving from NE Portland to NW Portland.  They boys haven’t missed a beat.  They love the new house, the big back yard, new rooms and room to run circles in the house.

They both have started at their new school, Childroots.  Boden in pre-school and Hutson with the toddlers.  Boden goes 4x per week and Hutson 3x.  They both have a little separation anxiety when we drop them off which is stressful for the parents and kids alike. But when I peak in the windows after leaving, both are busy playing.

Both got their haircuts last weekend.  We went to a child specialist place where they sat in an airplane and watched Lion King while they got their ears lowered.  Boden sat very still and was serious while Hutson was unsure at first and then demanded that the smock be removed and that the whole process stop half way thru.  His barber didn’t look too amused and I figure she picked the wrong salon to cut hair in.

Hutson went to the MD two weeks ago to get his booster shots.  4 in all, 2 in each leg.  Ouch.  He was bothered more with the measuring of his head and weight than the shots itself.  He really dislikes the office.  But he cried for less than 2 minutes after the shots…just happy to get out of there.

Bode and Hutson have met some of their new neighbors.  There is Samir across the street.  A very gentle 6 yr old giant of a girl.  She enjoys playing with the boys and coming over to eat fruit from our trees.  Kyler and his twin brother whose name I can’t remember are 7  They like to play but may be a little too rough.  Both Bode and Hutson were a little shell-shocked while they ran around the yard and played on bikes.

Yesterday was little cousin Dash’s birthday.  There were a bunch of kids over playing in the back yard and the play room.  The boys loved playing with the older kids and mixing with the grandparents and other relatives.  Aunt Narda was nice enough to leave behind a toy that Boden fell in love with.  It’s an elephant that blows balls out of his nose and plays music.

Both Boden and Hutson love playing on Boden’s new Plasma scooter.  It is a scooter that rides by itself when you jiggle the steering wheel.  They have lapped the house more than a hundred times.

The new Nanny, Sandy, has been great with the kids.  She’s taken them to the zoo, the park, OMSI, and the children’s museum.  All while giving healthy meals and keeping the place tidy.  The boys really like her as well.  Boden always wants to go to Sandy’s house.



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