Uh ohhh

Hutson’s favorite word now is uh-oooohhhh.  He’ll drop it anytime and for any reason.  Drops his spoon on the floor…uh-ohhh.  Spashes in the bath…uh-ohhh.  And the reasons go on.  He is also is saying bottle, kitty cat, fire truck and signs ‘more’.  

Hutson’s had a bad diaper rash.  It started when he played at school in water and I belive walking around with wet pants chaffed his behind.  It got worse even though we let him go naked and put tons of cream to soothe his bum.  It’s better now but gave him problems for a week.

Bode has started dancing at every opportunity.  He likes to shake his little money maker to any music that plays.  He also sings along to his favorite songs.  He knows the words and can keep the rythm.  

Bode still likes to sleep in mom and dad’s bed.  He will bring all his friends down to our bedroom along with his pillow.  It’s going to be a hard habit to break. 

The other morning, while mom was traveling, Bode woke dad up in a very funny way.  He found a bag of his favorite crackers on the counter after he woke up and came down stairs.  He then wandered into our room and crunched his way through the bag.  He was chewing so loud that it woke me up.  


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