Boden at the Park

Boden had a great time at the park today.  He started off as usual on the swings.  He loves the swings and would stay on a swing for hours if given the chance.   This time, we spent only 20 minutes on the swing before dad’s arm needed a rest.  Then he went to the play structure.  While there, he started chatting with one of the other kids.  I couldn’t hear what they were saying but it was the first time I’ve seen him talk with another kid at the park.  Next, he saw a dog which was standing up next to the park bench.  He walked over to the dog and shouted “Sit Down…Sit Down” while pointing his finger down.  

Tonight at dinner, he takes a bite of food and says ‘Yuck”.   “Gross”.  He is getting very picky with eating.  Certain shapes of pasta, yogurt, cheese, cereal, pb&j and fruit.  



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