Hutson’s wonderful day

This morning Hutson woke up early…probably due to his molar coming in. All day he was a bit cranky, especially after his nap but we gave him some suppository and it seemed to make him feel better. He also is fighting a bit of a cold…you can tell it in his eyes.

We went to OMSI this morning and we had the place to ourselves. Hutson ran right for the water section and played, played and played with the balls and the water spouts. He got himself soaked but was giggling the entire time. 

Hutson is using more and more words. Today he said banana. I thought he said apple too. But he says “mine, dada, mama, bye, ball, hi, and he really tries to get out firetruck when he sees it in his book. Tonight I said let’s go eat and he does made the “eat” sign in sign-language. He has also been using the milk sign frequently. When we read a book, I ask Hutson to point to the ball and he points to it or strawberries and he points to it. When I ask him it’s time to go upstairs, he walks towards the stairs and starts climbing up. Such a bright kid. 

I was reading him green hat, blue hat tonight and everytime I got to the Turkey and said Ooops! Hutson just screamed with laughter. 

Bath time was a bit of challenge…Boden took a bath with Hutson and seemed to grab everything out of Hutson’s hand creating a big cry-off between the two. After dinner though, they were playing so well together. Hutson would run around the room and Boden would tackle him and Huttie would just start giggling…especially when Boden was rolling on top of him.


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