April 13

Boden has been waking up in the middle of the night to come to mom and dad’s bed.  Last week, Hutson was not feeling well so all four of us came to our bed with Boden and Hutson sleeping in the middle.  In the middle of the night, Hutson was coughing  and Boden reached out and put his hand on Hutson’s back and then rubbed his head.  Very sweet.  Boden is also acknowledging Hutson’s walking.  He will walk with him and say ‘Hutson’s walking!!!”  He will occassionally push Hutson in the back sending him falling to the ground.

Boden is jumping off the stairs.  He usually is one or two stairs up but today, he went three up and landed on his feet then did a roll. Then he looked at me with a big smile and said I did it daddy.

One thing you never expect to say to anyone is “son, please don’t cut your penis with the sissors.”  That’s what I said to Boden this week.  He was sitting on a chair doing crafts…with no pants on…and then he said ‘ouch daddy’.  I guess sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

Hutson’s walking skills are improving by the minute.  He can stand up by himself without assistance.   He prefers walking over crawling now.  He’s quick so we always have to be on our toes.  When we went to nanna and bapa’s, he stood up and looked at the grandparents, then took off to nanna.

He is doing better at feeding himself and drinking aboiut a cup.  He still drinks out of his bottle but we are working to get him to sippy cups or normal cups.  He’s tried and likes chicken, hamburger, tofu, tuna and most veggies.  He doesn’t like green beans.

He is comfortable going  up and down stairs but I’m still a bit nervous.


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