First Steps

Hutson took his first steps on Wednesday March 27th.  Four steps to mama with a big smile on his face.  He crashed into her arms giggling.  So were mom and dad.  Mom had been on a trip for a week and I was sure that the first steps would be taken before mom came back…but no, Hutson waited for mom to return to take his first steps. Happened in the living room of our house on 49th.

Hutson was looking like a hippy so we finally gave him a haircut.  What a change to see his face.  He looks like a little man with his short wavy locks.  Elizabeth gave him the cut and it was pretty funny to watch…every cut of the scissors, Hutson would look at what just happened.

Hutson has been sleeping later lately.  On Saturday, he slept till 7:45.  Usually, he wakes up around 6-6:30 so the extra time is nice.  

Hutson is able to recognize dada and mama, pointing to us when we say our names.  He also likes to say bye bye and hi and wave his hand. He also points to other objects like the door or light switch.  

Boden has come into a habit of giving Hutson all the food he does not like.  He gave him some beans and carrots.  “Here Hutson, Have a bite”.  I don’t buy it but it’s funny.  We’ve also been trying to get Boden to help with dressing Hutson.  Trying with shoes and socks but Boden loses interest quickly.  

The family took a trip to Bend for a long weekend.  We stayed at a resort close to the mountains.  We had a great time.  When we were pulling up to the Brown’s house, Boden said we are going to visit uncle Dave, aunt Narda and cousin Dash.  Very cute.  When there, Bode loved the remote control cars at there house.  Unfortunately, uncle Dave was a bit sick.  Huston and Boden had runny noses and started coughing.  Hutson had a terrible cough on Friday keeping everyone awake all night.  Luckily, we had great weather and were able to go swimming…in March.  The pools were heated but it was 70 on Saturday.  The boys, especially Hutson loved the water.  Bode was into the hot tub.  Boden continue to say hi to everyone he meets.  We will go for a walk and he will say hi to almost everyone we pass.  We also went for our first family hike to see Benem Falls just outside of Bend.

Today, we went to the zoo to see the new flamingos.  Not as exciting as advertised but fun.  We saw lots of animals and Bode is starting to call them out by name.  He said Zebra when he saw one as well as hippo.  


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