Lost Binki

Hutson lost his binki yesterday and will go cold turkey.  Poor little guy loves his binki and was up 30 minutes tonight trying to settle himself for bed.  Last night, he woke up 3x.  Hutson is giving solid high fives and high tens.  he loves to wave good bye and now can say bye and hi at the right times.  He loves to climb the stairs and is confident to go up and down.  He is starting to read books by himself now.  He seems very interested in the pictures and turning the pages.

Boden loves to come down at night and sleep with mom and dad.  He usually comes down around 3am and climbs in.  Last night, he came down very early.  Mom went to bed around 9 and when dad came into bed at 10, Bode was sitting next to mom patting daddy’s pillow saying sleep daddy, sleep.  When dad finally laid down to rest, Bode rubbed dad’s face and said rough.  He then rubbed dad’s head and said ‘all gone’.   Boden now requires a kiss every time he gets a bump.  He’ll go hysterical and then after he gets his kiss, he’ll say all better and then go about his business as nothing ever happened.  He also will give Hutson a wallop and then kiss him while Hutson is crying and say all better Hutson…All better.  Boden likes to play ball in the front yard.  When someone walks by, he always says “hi” as loud as he can.  Always gets a smile from the neighbors.  Bode has his first dentist apt on Friday.  Should be interesting.


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