Not Yet

Boden has begun saying ‘not yet’ to quite a few questions…do you want dinner?…Let’s go to school now…time to go to bed…please put on your shoes…and the list goes on.  Not yet…not yet…not yet.  It sounds better than no but the results are the same.  

He also likes to tell people if they are awake.  He will often come down stairs and say, I’m awake  or Hutson’s awake or mommy awake.  

Boden is now wanting to ride in the car outside of his car seat.  He has asked to drive or sit shot gun on numerous occassions.  

Hutson has had a cold as of late and has stayed home from school.  He had a rough day today, not able to nap and cranky all day.  He had no appetite but did drink.  We took him to the Dr and when the nurse came into the room, Hutson immediately started crying and when she left, he stopped.  Poor guy, he remembered his last visit.



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