Both the boys have colds this week.  Hutson was running a mild temperature and both had runny noses.  Didn’t keep them from doing anything but they were a bit more fussy than normal.  

Hutson is getting a bit more picky when eating.  He usually eats everything, but lately has been tossing food on the floor.  

He has also been color coordinating his balls with the same color box.  We thought this was a once off thing but when we played again, he did it again.  

He also scooted down the stairs backwards.  Mom was helping Bode get dressed and when she looked up, Hutson was on the landing.  What a mover.  

He’s starting to stand alone more.  Today he stood for 5 or 6 seconds a few times.  Walking is just days away.

Hutson went to the dr for his 1 yr check up.  He got 3 shots in his thighs, but handled them pretty well.  Poor little fella.

He is also pointing at things.  Pictiures, mom or dad, or things he wants.  He also repeats things you say, like mamama or dadada or nanana.  

Bode received a magnet gift from grandma and grandpa.  He loved it so much, he’s taken it to bed with him the last week.  

Boden is starting to recognize when he poops.  Twice this week, he’s partially pooped and then came to mom or dad to say I’ve got to poo.  When we get to the toilet, he’s pooped his pants but only 1/2 way and finishes in the toilet.  After he goes, he says proudly…’I did it’.   



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